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Biplane Tours: Experience the wonderful feeling of soaring through the air while taking in the sights from the front seat of a vintage WWII-era biplane. Feel the exciting rumble of her radial engine as you cruise over the Florida landscape below. Our open-cockpit Waco biplanes carry up to two passengers and offer an extremely graceful and enjoyable aerial adventure.

Helicopter Tours: Enjoy incredible views of Florida’s coastlines and classic landmarks from the birds-eye perspective of a Robinson R-44 helicopter. Up to three passengers can fly in air-conditioned comfort as you smoothly cruise over the beautiful scenery and wildlife below. With large clear windows and a head-to-toe front bubble canopy, this helicopter adventure will create memories to last a lifetime.

Contact Info:

URL: floridaairtours.com

PHONE: 321.392.4125


Merritt Island Airport
475 Manor Dr. – Hangar #5
Merritt Island, FL 32952