Merritt Island Airport (COI)

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FREQUENCIES: AWOS – 119.025 CTAF – 122.975

RUNWAY: 11-29 3601; x 75′

FUEL: Space Coast Aviation  321.453.2222 – Shell 100LL & Jet A


Merritt Island Tenants:

Aerial Signs Banner Towing888-TO-FLY-AD
Baer Air Charters321.453.2605
Brevard Aviation Association321.453.2605
Brevard County Sheriff's Aviation Unit321.454.6643
Experimental Aircraft Association321.266.7410
Florida Biplanes & Air Tours321.392.4125
Space Coast Aviation — FBO321.453.2222
Sebastian Communications
Servant Air Ministries321.784.1315
Voyager Aviation321.454.3090



Merritt Island Airport (COI) is the closest general aviation airport to Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral. COI provides general aviation and recreational flights, features aircraft charter services, bi-plane rides, banner towing, flight training, aircraft avionics services and aircraft maintenance & sales. Contact us today.


> COI Diagram

Merritt Island Airport (COI) Diagram

COI airport diagram


> COI Master Plan

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Inventory

Chapter 3 – Forecasts

Chapter 4 – Requirements

Chapter 5 – Alternatives

Chapter 6 – ALP

Chapter 7 – Implementation

Appendix A – Glossary of Terms

Appendix B – Natural Features Inventory Draft

APPENDIX C – Key Participants and Public Involvement

APPENDIX D- Based AC and Waiting List

Appendix E – Runway Safety Analysis Draft

APPENDIX F – Airport Layout Plan Drawing Set

APPENDIX G – FAA Project Priority

APPENDIX H – FDOT Aviation Project Handbook


> COI Minimum Standards

COI Minimum Requirements


> Properties for Lease COI

COI Developable Land


> COI History

A History of Merritt Island Airport

Merritt Island Airport is a general aviation airport serving the local aviation needs of Merritt Island, Cocoa and the rest of Brevard County, Florida.

Merritt Island Airport is located on the southern peninsula of Merritt Island between the Indian River and the Banana River. The airport’s single runway extends into Newfound Harbor, which is part of the Banana River. In the early 1940’s, the Brevard County Mosquito Control District constructed the Central Brevard Airport. The airfield included two sod landing strips:

  1. a north-south strip measuring approximately 1,800 feet in length
  2. a northwest southeast strip measuring approximately 3,000 feet in length

An operations building and maintenance hangar were located on the south side of the airfield. The Mosquito Control District had a maintenance hangar on the north side of the airfield. The north-south landing strip was eventually abandoned. Various facilities including the T-hangars currently occupy this area.

The Brevard County Mosquito Control District deeded the airport property over to the Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority in exchange for ten acres of land located within Space Coast Regional Airport. This land is currently used by Brevard County as headquarters for the Mosquito Control District.